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Song of the Week: Tanner Usrey's "Who I Am"

Tanner Usrey is back with another new song, and he's bringing the heat.

Tanner Usrey

This country-rock track tackles reflecting on who you want to be and who you actually are. The song speaks to how constantly being on the road can wear a person down (Every town, it looks the same

I'm sick of hearing my last name. It's just who I am I guess."), and the negative effect it has on personal relationships. ("Never been one for hanging around. I love you baby but I break you down. Leave the pieces on the ground. It's just who I am I guess.")

Usrey sings about knowing this isn't the most healthy path forward. There seems to be a desire to be different, but ultimately settling on it's who you are and it can't be's "Self-destruction at best." It's a relatable theme, even if you aren't a traveling musician. We've all had times where we don't like the decisions we make, and the struggle to actually change our bad habits into something more positive is very real.

I dig everything about this song: the songwriting, the production, and the vocal performance. And that's why "Who I Am" is this week's Country & Cold Cans "Song of the Week."

Check it out below.

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