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Wade Bowen Reflects on Life in New Single "Car Ride Home"

Wade Bowen is back with new music, releasing reflective new single "Car Ride Home."

Penned by Lori McKenna and the late Andrew Dorff over 20 years ago, the song finds Wade reflecting on the highs and lows of life as he's driving back home.

I love the imagery throughout this entire song. The small details set the scene on his ride of reflection ("Filled her up and went inside. For some Gatorade and Camel Lights. Bought the whole pack just to have one").

You realize he's leaving the funeral of a loved one with the lines, "As I flick another ash. I need an answer, so I ask 'Why the best ones get taken away?' I just left your stone. I'm on the car ride home." This part really packs an emotional punch.

I've always said a Wade Bowen song has this comforting sense of familiarity, and it almost never disappoints--which is why "Car Ride Home" is this week's "Song of the Week."

Check out "Car Ride Home" below:

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