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Cody Jinks and Josh Thompson Play New Song "Outlaws & Mustangs" (VIDEO)

Sixteen year old me would be amped for this performance. Honestly, 30 year old me is too.

Cody Jink recently played an acoustic rendition of an unreleased track called "Outlaws & Mustangs." Josh Thompson sat in and added harmony vocals on the performance as well. Seeing these two on stage together is pretty cool for me. Their records were two of the first albums played in my truck after getting my license in high school.

Written by Jinks and Tennessee Jet, "Outlaws & Mustangs" paints a picture of going against the grain and forging your own path. However, as the song says "The thing about outlaws and mustangs, they always come home." This song is right up my alley, and I can't wait to hear the studio version.

The new tune will be on Jink's new album, Change the Game. Listen to "Outlaws & Mustangs" below:

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