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"Country & Cold Cans" Roadtrip to Raleigh Recommendations

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It's that time of year again: American Aquarium's 8th Annual "Roadtrip to Raleigh."

I've been to every single iteration of "Roadtrip" since it began, so it's a concert weekend I hold near and dear. As we've discussed on the podcast, it was the inaugural "Roadtrip" that is the reason this website and podcast even exist. What started as something that Trucker Andy and I stumbled upon when we were in college, has now turned into an annual weekend with a group of our friends listening to good music from one of Raleigh's own.

People from all over the States and multiple countries have traveled to North Carolina's capital for this concert over the years. I've lived in Raleigh for over a decade now, so we decided to put together a "Country & Cold Cans" recommendation list consisting of some of our favorite restaurants/bars in the Oak City.

"Country & Cold Cans" Raleigh Recommendations:

  1. Clyde Cooper's BBQ - A longtime downtown Raleigh staple and a great lunch spot. I highly recommend the Fried Chicken.

  2. Sam Jones BBQ - A newcomer to Raleigh, but an Eastern NC staple. It's personally my favorite Eastern NC style BBQ in town, so you won't be disappointed.

  3. Beasley's Chicken + Honey - A local favorite around town, I usually go with the chicken biscuit when I dine there. Also, there just happens to be a mural of John Prine on the backside of Beasley's exterior wall.

  4. Boxcar Barcade - Who doesn't love to throw back a few cold ones while playing some NBA Jam? This is a good spot if you wanted to do something different one afternoon before the show starts.

  5. Crank Arm Brewing Co. - I love breweries. Good beer and a place to sit down. Crank Arm has that.

  6. Bond Brothers Brewing Co. - Speaking of breweries, this one is my favorite in a very brewery-rich area. While it's in Cary, you won't regret making the short drive over to try out one of the best breweries in the area. I personally suggest "The Local" IPA.

  7. Big Ed's Restaurant - If you're looking for a local breakfast spot on your weekend in Raleigh, this is it. Big Ed's has two locations: one downtown, one in north Raleigh. Don't leave town without making a stop and getting some country cooking at Big Ed's.

  8. Roast Grill Hot Weiners - Best hot dog in town. Be sure and stop by for lunch on Friday or Saturday...but DON'T ask for ketchup on your hot dog when you're there. It's not an option on their menu.

  9. Lucky B's - A cross between a sports bar and a dive. If you want a place to spend a couple hours before the show and play some pool while enjoying cheap drinks, go to Lucky B's.

  10. Slim's - If you're an American Aquarium fan, you're familiar with the dive "where everyone knows your shame." It's worth stopping in to get a cheap beer and "spending your landlocked nights down at Slim's."

Other Fun Spots: Raleigh Beer Garden, The Raleigh Times, The Anchor Bar, A Place at the Table, Teets, Bowstring, Ole Time BBQ, Chop Shop

Now it's time to go support Live, Original, Independent music. See y'all at the Rock show!

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