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Pats Fans Lose Their Minds Over The GOAT's IG Retirement Post

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest quarterback of all time. No question about it. He had an unparalleled career, and I personally think he could play next year and still kill it. However earlier today, Brady announced his retirement on Instagram with a multipage post thanking every member of the Bucs organization, Bruce Arians, teammates, and his family.

But, there was a glaring omission on the IG post. There's exactly ZERO mentions of anything or anyone related to the New England Patriots fanbase or organization. This caused some Pats fans to lose their ever loving minds on social media...and it's glorious. For a fanbase that has won so much and they lose their shit over not being mentioned on a social media post? Hilarious.

Look, I respect the Patriots organization. it's hard not to after all they've accomplished. But good Lord, you won 6 freakin' Super Bowls with the guy. Most of us haven't seen our team win anything in decades or in some cases, at all. Talk about entitlement.

Brady eventually did tweet something thanking the Patriots fans, and it's being rumored he's going to sign a 1 day contract to retire a Pat, as he probably should. But it's just hilarious to see the epic meltdown by some of the New England fanbase. You just love to see it.

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