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Gambling Legalized in North Carolina

Sports gamblers seeing the news that Governor Roy Cooper officially signed House Bill 347 at the Spectrum Center reacted like Michael Scott during the Fire Drill episode of The Office

For those who may not be familiar with the news, NC House Bill 347 is the bill that legalizes mobile sports gambling in the state of North Carolina. This day would be a statewide holiday if it was not for the fact it is Flag Day. Governor Cooper should have told the mail not to run. The schools that are currently in session should be allowed to either be released early or have the day off. Parades should flood the streets to celebrate this law making things official.

One of the upsides that I find interesting in this bill is that instead of gambling being legal only at casinos that are on tribal lands, gamblers in North Carolina can now bet on games at actual sporting events. That means you can attend a Carolina Hurricanes game and walk into the sportsbook located inside the PNC Arena, place a bet and then go to your seat and see if it cashes. In total, eight sporting arenas, including the PNC Arena, will have a sportsbook or kiosk type area where people can place bets. In my opinion, this will help enhance the fan experience of attending a game for those who maybe interested in dropping a few bucks on an over/under bet (always play the over)

As one who has been interested in the gambling community for the past 8 years, I for one am glad the state I reside in has decided to legalize sports gambling. Do I think there are downsides to this? Of course, there are always negatives. Could there increases in gambling addiction and raises in taxes? It is a possibility but with moderation this can be monitored much like how alcohol is available readily but has certain restrictions to purchasing and partaking in that activity.

January 2024 cannot get here fast enough and I cannot wait.

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