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ACC Baseball Preseason Selections

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The Super Bowl is next Sunday night, College Basketball is halfway through the season and a month away from March Madness, and with Major League Baseball in limbo because of a possible lockout, what’s a better time to talk about America’s real pastime, COLLEGE BASEBALL


Before I dive into baseball talk, I want to say a few things. I want to thank Logan for giving me this opportunity to rant and rave on this platform. This is going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to being apart of growing the Cold Cans Network. Secondly, I am a big time college sports guy so expect to see lots of articles about college basketbal, baseball and football talk coming from me. I will say in advance, yes, I hate your team and no, it does not hurt my feelings if you come at me on Twitter (@kinchen1andonly). Lastly, I consider myself a poor man’s gambler so I will also give thoughts on point spreads, over and unders and everything else in between, so feel free to fade my bets cause most of the time I am wrong. Anyway, let’s get back into ACC Baseball.


The ACC Baseball Preseason Coaches Poll came out on Thursday and the conference coaches crowned Florida State as the overall Preseason Champ with Georgia Tech being the winner of the Coastal Division. America’s favorite college baseball team, NC State just finished behind Florida State for 2nd place in the Atlantic Division despite losing a lot from last years team that made a miraculous run to the CWS that was sadly cut short because of reasons that were questionable. We will not dive deep into it because it is beating a dead horse at this point but that whole situation still stings and hopefully Avent has the boys ready for another run to Omaha.

The Noles have earned every right to be the top team in the ACC this upcoming season. Every preseason poll that college baseball has out there has Florida State in the Top 15. They also bring back Parker Messick, who is probably one of the best pitchers in college baseball.

Non biases aside, I fully expect NC State to have a great baseball team again this season despite losing a majority of players to the MLB Draft. Do not be surprised if Ace Pitcher Sam Highfill puts up, dare I say, Carlos Rodon type numbers this season. I am going ahead and telling you guys that the Pack is my pick to win the ACC this season and they find themselves competing for a National Title in Omaha later on this summer. Lets just hope the opportunity is not taken away from them again like last year.


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