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Unreleased Morgan Wade Song "Phantom Feelings" is Fantastic

This one will get you in your feels.

In preparation for her next record, Morgan Wade has expanded who she's been co-writing with lately. Co-written with Pop artist Julia Michaels, we get a glimpse into the upcoming project with this live performance of unreleased track "Phantom Feelings."

I'm a sucker for bummer jams with a good bit of longing thrown in the mix. "Phantom Feelings" is about a past relationship where the other person has moved on, while you haven't gotten completely over it. With lines like "I loved you so hard, but you didn't seem to love me back" and "you found someone and I'm still accepting that it's not me", there's a dose of reality paired with failed attempts at accepting it....leading to still having "those Phantom Feelings" resurface.

Give me songs like this all day and twice on Sundays.

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