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Stone Cold Back in the Ring at WrestleMania?

Give me a hell yeah! Rumors are swirling in the wrestling circles, folks. It's being reported that the Texas Rattlesnake just might be gearing up for a return to the ring for the first time in nearly 20 years. The last time we saw Stone Cold actually wrestle in a WWE ring was at WrestleMania 19 against that guy who introduced the Super Bowl...The Rock.

If the rumors are true, Austin would likely be facing current WWE star Kevin Owens, according Dave Meltzer. The reactions will be mixed depending on how hardcore of a wrestling fan you are. I know Classic Rock Carter isn't as excited as I am about the possibility of seeing Austin back in the squared circle.

It's about nostalgia for me, and probably is for a lot of old school wrestling fans out there. Stone Cold represents a time when pro wrestling was fun, edgy, and dare I say, mainstream. I'd love nothing more than to see him hit the Stone Cold Stunner on his opponent one more time. And of course, run to the turnbuckle after the match and crush a couple of cold "Steve-weisers."

And that's the bottom line, because LD said so.

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