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Song of the Week: "Leaves of Fall" by Mason & the Gin Line feat. Tori Vasquez

If you aren't listening to Mason & the Gin Line, it's about time you start.

The West Texas group is back with a new single, titled "Leaves of Fall." With a slightly more stripped back approach, the new single tackles dealing with a loss or failed relationship and lamenting all the changes that result from it. It really does a good job of detailing the realization that things are changing and you can't stop it, no matter how you bad may want to. "Leaves of Fall" really hammers it home in the chorus using the leaves changing in the Fall as a metaphor for the narrator's relationship changes. I particularly love the line "Lord, I know that things must change. But I wish it'd stay the same."

Check out the Cold Cans Song of the Week: "Leaves of Fall" by Mason & the Gin Line.

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