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Song of the Week: "Deep Satin" by Zach Bryan

This week's "Song of the Week" is none other than an unreleased Zach Bryan tune called "Deep Satin."

Zach is such prolific songwriter. It seems he has just as much quality, unreleased music as he does music that's available for streaming. This particular track is allegedly going to be released next year on the upcoming album.

This song is a great example of one of those catchy Zach Bryan melodies that we've become accustomed to, with some stellar songwriting to boot. Lines like "Is that song stuck in your head? "Friend of the Devil", by the Dead. Or is that just what your friends want me to be?" are the types of lyrics I feel that most wish they could write. Zach has a knack for phrasing in a such a unique way. I also appreciate when songwriters use dated yet simultaneously timeless references in songs, like the line "coming down on a Greyhound." At least I think Greyhounds are dated. Are they still around?

Anyway, here's our Song of the Week: "Deep Satin" by Zach Bryan.

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