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Roadtrip to Raleigh: One of My Favorite Weekends of the Year

This weekend is a big one. After a one year hiatus due to a global pandemic, American Aquarium's Roadtrip to Raleigh is back!

This has always been a big weekend for me. The inaugural 2015 RTR is the reason we started Country & Cold Cans. It also spawned a yearly tradition with my brother and a few of our friends with a lot of great memories. Not to mention all the kickass music we get to hear.

Even though last year's festivities had to be canceled(understandably), this year it's like a return home. Like visiting an old friend you hadn't seen in a while. I've been every year that RTR happened and Thursday night can't get here soon enough. Here's a classic until we all get to "Go to the Bar Tonight" this weekend.


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