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RANKED: Top 5 Hard Seltzers

I'm a beer guy. Always have been, always will be. But there are times when I'm not feeling a classic cold one and want to shake things up. That's where the Hard Seltzer comes in.

These things are relatively new and have absolutely taken off in the last few years. To the moon, as the kids say. So here are the top 5 Hard Seltzer brands just in time for the summer season:

5. Truly - This is definitely one of the big names and probably for good reason. It's just a little sweet for my taste, but if that's your should try the Truly.

4. Bud Light Seltzer - Admittedly, I'm not a big Bud Light guy. So naturally, I was skeptical when someone handed me a Bud Light Seltzer for the first time. Much to my surprise, I liked it. It wasn't as sweet as Truly, so a little more up my alley. Not a bad option at all.

3. Topo Chico Hard Seltzer - This is the new kid on the block in the spiked seltzer world. So far, it's been a favorite of mine. Like Bud Light Seltzer, it's not super sweet but it doesn't leave that sugary film-like taste in your mouth after having a couple of them. They may just move further up this list as I try more of them.

2. White Claw - Maybe THE biggest name in the game and arguably the best. Not as sweet as Truly, but still sweeter than the Topo Chico counterpart. With a great selection of flavors, the White Claw Black Cherry still remains the best.

1. High Noon - This is by far my favorite one I've had. Their tagline is great...and also true. High Noon really is real vodka, real juice. It sets them apart from the competitors, even though you have to buy them at the liquor store in North Carolina.


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