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RANKED: The 10 Best Times to Drink a Beer

Who doesn't love the cold crispness of cracking a beer? There are so many times when it just feels right to crack a cold one. From fun times to sad times, beer doesn't judge. That Luke Combs might have been on to something when he said "Longneck, ice cold beer never broke my heart." Here are the 10 best times to enjoy a cold snack, ranked:

10. The After Work Beer - Ahh, the classic. Who doesn't love the sound of popping a top again after a long day at work. There's just something relaxing about cracking a can and letting the stress of the day melt away with every sip of your favorite brew.

09. The Shower Beer - You're 21 years old and it's Friday night. Class is done for the week and you get a text from the boys saying it's time to hit the town. You obviously gotta take a shower, but you also want to pregame. Why not do both simultaneously?!? Alas, the Shower Beer is born.

08. The Concert Beer - It may cost an arm and a leg, but who the hell cares? You're about to enjoy a cold one or three while listening to your favorite band rock the stage...or play a bummer jam. Because hey, sad songs make me happy.

07. The Boat Beer - It's finally summer and you're about to hit the lake. We all have that one friend who has a boat that suddenly becomes the most popular dude in the group for a few months. You get out on the water, put on the shades, music is cranking, and then you crack that first beer of the season floating out on the water. Good times ahead.

06. Early Morning Airport Beer - There are only few instances where drinking a beer at 7am is acceptable, and one of them is at the airport. You're about to go on a trip to somewhere different, but vacation doesn't start when you touch down at your destination. It really begins when you finally get past TSA and overpay for that early morning airport beer while waiting to board the plane. Beer for breakfast? I'm not above it.

05. The Beach/Beach Bar Beer - Similar to the boat beer, the beach beer is really when you know summer is in full gear. It's tough to beat sitting with your toes in the water and ass in the sand, and of course, a cold beer in your hand. The best part about this scenario is you really have a couple options for elite beer experiences. You can obviously sit there in your chair with a cooler and go cold can fishing for the next refreshment. Or you can get up and walk over to the beach bar for a cold one out in the summer sun, while sitting by a seaside watering hole. It's a true win-win.

04. Friday Beers at Lunch - Those Fridays when the boss tells you to cut out of work early at lunch are really a top tier brew consuming experience. Not only is the work week over, but you also have a chance to sit on barstools with coworkers, shoot the shit, and consume a few cold ones during a time when you ordinarily would be sitting in your office cubicle. Talk about winning a trade deal.

03. The "I don't have to pay for this beer" Beer - You know the old saying: the best beer is a free beer. Whether it's an open bar at a wedding, the company Christmas party, or the bartender just tells you it's on the house, you can't turn down the drinks when they're free. No, you can't turn down the drinks when they're free.

02. Golf Course Beer - It's Saturday and the sun is shining. You hit the links with the boys ready for a full day of golf. You sneak your mini-cooler into the golf cart, even though the golf club says not to. The tunes are cranking and the beers are pouring. Elite...even if your golf game isn't.

01. The Tailgate Beer - The absolute best beer is the tailgate beer. Literally nothing is better than the first College Football Saturday and the truck is loaded up to hit the parking lot in week 1. You get to the parking spot and the first thing you do is crack a cold one in anticipation of seeing your team dominate the gridiron.

It's cold beer and College Football. That's America, my friends. Give me a hell yeah!

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Bowtie Brigade
Bowtie Brigade
Feb 09, 2022

The shower beer, concert beer, and boat beer need to be higher than the airport beer or the Friday lunch beer.



The Friday lunch beer is in your work clothes compared to the boat beer on a boat. And the airport beer is earlier than the concert beer ipso facto the concert beer is better since they cost the same.

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