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RANKED: ACC Basketball Throwback Logos

I saw a tweet from Fox College Hoops showing a graphic of the existing ACC schools throwback logos. Some look cool as shit, while others are simply shit. As a disclaimer, I'm a big Wolfpack guy and alum. However, I've decided to set aside my biases and uphold the journalistic integrity while ranking these logos.

To hell with it. No, I didn't. These are my totally biased rankings of each throwback logo in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

15. North Carolina Tar Heels - Ugly baby blue and a stupid ram. The only way this logo could be worse is if they included their beloved argyle in it. Terrible logo. Oh, and Go to Hell Carolina.

14. Boston College Eagles - Boring Boston College with a boring outline of their BC letters. Also these colors just suck. Why were they ever let into the ACC in the first place?

13. Syracuse Orange - Another school who shouldn't be an ACC member institution. As far as the logo, it's about as appealing as their product on the football field.

12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons - The Wake Forest text looks like something you'd find on a cheap knockoff worn by Wal-Mart fans, if people cared about the Demon Deacs enough to have Wal-Mart fans. They just better be glad this Great Value logo is ranked as high as it is.

11. Pitt Panthers - Is this supposed to look tough? It looks more like a bulldog than a panther anyway. Another boring attempt. The current Pitt script logo shits on this one.

10. Virginia Tech Hokies - Admittedly, I have a soft spot for the Hokies. It's a similar college culturally to NC State and they also have to deal with an annoying in-state rival who has a weird affinity for bow ties. However, this logo ain't it, chief. It's just boring. From the VA state outline to the boring font that reads "Tech", it just doesn't get the people going. It honestly looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint. The current one is way better.

09. Virginia Cavaliers - Speaking of the annoying, bow-tie loving crowd, their throwback logo isn't that bad. Pretty clean and has the team name, as well as the Cavalier himself. Mid-Tier effort.

08. Notre Dame Fighting Irish - While ND annoys me with their friends-with-benefits-esq relationship with the ACC, the logo here is classic looking. It works a little better when thinking of it in terms of classic Notre Dame football than basketball, but it's not half bad. Just join a conference already Fighting Irish.

07. Clemson Tigers - On paper, I should hate this logo, right? It's not all that different than Pitts, and the tiger looks like his eyes are closed for whatever reason. But for reasons unknown, I don't hate it.

06. Louisville Cardinals - This logo is pretty similar to their current incarnation. It's classic enough looking and clean. But my only complaint is the same one I have for their current logo: why does the bird have human like teeth? It's just weird.

05. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - I think this is well done logo. The yellow jacket looks pretty cool and I like the GT minimized beneath the mascot. There's a reason they haven't altered it but so much. It works.

04. Miami Hurricanes - I've always really liked this logo. Now why they have a duck as the logo for team named the Hurricanes, I couldn't tell you. But this logo looks sick.

03. Florida State Seminoles - This is pretty much the same logo they currently have and there's a reason for that. It's recognizable, clean, and pretty unique.

02. Duke Blue Devils - This is a sick logo. The Blue Devil looks like a badass standing there with his trident (or whatever that is) with the blue flames outlining his presence around him.

01. NC State Wolfpack - The best of the bunch, hands down. Of course, I'm biased. But the strutting Wolf is a classic logo that you instantly know who the team is. It's way better than the block S they used as the primary logo for a good while, where people would confuse it with Stanford and Syracuse. The strutting wolf is a fan favorite amongst Wolfpack Nation, and for good reason.

Let me know what you think of this list, and what you think I got right/wrong. Hit me with @.


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