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New Koe Wetzel Music Video is Worth the "Money Spent"

New Koe album means new Koe music videos.

Hell Paso just dropped, and it's chock full of bangers. One of those slappers is the new track "Money Spent," which has a ripping guitar throughout. Now, we also get a new music video for Hell Paso's 4th track. The "Money Spent" video is unlike most Koe Wetzel videos, which tend to be unique, bizarre, and entertaining as hell. However, this one takes a more traditional approach and features a collection of concert footage and scenes from the road. It's something we haven't really seen since his "February 28, 2016" video, and I ain't mad about it.

Seeing backstage footage and concert clips is, as the kids say, hype. See the new music video below.

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