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Megan Moroney Releases "Tennessee Orange" Music Video on the Heels of Georgia's National Title Win

You knew it was only a matter of time before we'd get a music video for "Tennessee Orange" by noted Georgia fan Megan Moroney...and ironically, it's dropped on the heels of the Dawg's second straight National Title.

This song has blown up and been at the forefront of the "College Football Country" songs. This is honestly the best of these types of songs, and we've said so on the podcast. The pedal steel being so prevalent and her raspy vocal really draw you in.

It's pretty funny how you never really see who the Tennessee guy is in the video. She's been questioned a lot lately in real life about just who the Vol fan is that inspired the song, or if it's even a real person at all. She's played coy about that answer.

It's a solid music video, even though I still contend it's damn near sacrilegious to rock ANY of your rival's apparel no matter the circumstance. Check out the music video for "Tennessee Orange" below.

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