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Look at Me, We're the Commanders Now

Well, here it is. A new name and new chapter for a historic franchise. The Washington Redskins turned Football Team are now officially the Washington Commanders. It could be worse, right?

It was announced that we'd get the long awaited Washington name change on Feb. 2nd. My question is why it took two years to settle on Commanders? It's not a bad name. There were WAY worse options thrown about during our stint as the "Football Team." But it also could be better. Honestly, the new name is reflective of the franchise's play throughout most of my life...just meh.

My real issue is with the the uniforms. They kinda suck. The away uni isn't too shabby, but the home uniforms really are underwhelming. The lines above and below the Commander text looks like they gave an intern 15 minutes to do his worst on Microsoft Paint. It's very generic. In reality, the uniforms as a whole look like something from a bad made-for-TV football movie where the actor playing the QB has obviously never thrown a football in his life.

The added black alternative jerseys are interesting. They don't look bad, per se, but are they necessary? This is a 3 time Super Bowl winning franchise, not a mid level P5 college team looking to make a splash and appeal to 17 year old 4 star recruits.

I'm also interested to see how they handle the Fight Song. Does it go away? Or do they rework the lyrics? "Hail to the Commanders" just doesn't have the same ring to it. But hey, things change.

As long a life long Washington fan, I can live with it. The Washington RedWolves would have been a hell of a lot cooler, but it wasn't meant to be. Like I said, it could be worse.


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