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Kris Jenkins Bodybags UNC on Twitter

It's that time a year again: March Madness. We've already seen huge upsets with 15-seed St. Peters taking down 2-seed Kentucky. It seems to happen every year. It's part of what makes this tournament so great. We've had so many crazy buzzer beaters over the years, from NC State's "The Dunk" by Lorenzo Charles in 1983 to "The Shot" by Christian Laettner in 1992.

Unfortunately, I wasn't around to see those March Madness moments. But there was one that I DID get to see. That's Kris Jenkins forever becoming the UNC Tar Heels' Daddy in the 2016 National Title game.

We all remember it. Marcus Paige hit a crazy shot to tie the game with only 4.7 seconds remaining. All the momentum was with Carolina. I just knew that if that game went to OT, UNC was gonna win. I'd seen that movie too many times before. Enter Kris Jenkins.

Villanova takes the ball down the court and Jenkins forever cements himself amongst the March Madness Legends. He buried the three ball as time expired lifting the Wildcats to a 77-74 win on College Basketball's biggest stage...and drove a dagger right through the heart of the Tar Heel faithful. A clip that they will have to watch in every NCAA Tourney montage from here to eternity. What a glorious end to a basketball game for us ABCers (Anybody But Carolina fans).

Why am I bringing this up 6 years later? Because Kris Jenkins did it again. He reasserted his dominance over Carolina fans on Twitter. CBS Sports tweeted the baby blue UNC logo and asked "Who is the first player you think of when you see this logo?"

Kris Jenkins proceeded to bodybag the Heels once again when he simply replies "Can I say myself?"

That's some King Shit by Mr. Jenkins. If his buzzer beater was a dagger through the Carolina heart, this tweet 6 years later was him twisting the knife. You love to see it.

Lorenzo Charles had "The Dunk." Laettner had "The Shot." And Kris Jenkins? Well, he gave us "The Dagger."


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