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Koe Wetzel Doing Shows with Snoop Dogg? LFG.

I think it's safe to say Koe Wetzel has made it.

We all saw photos of Koe hanging with legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg a while back after one of Snoop's shows. Now it looks like it wasn't just a one time, coincidental encounter.

Snoop and Koe took to social media to let everyone know they're playing a couple shows on 4-19 and 4-20, of course, in Sioux Falls, SD and Lincoln, NE.

Modern music listeners can jump from Jay-Z to Randy Rogers Band without blinking an eye, so I know there has to be a lot of hype for this one. We recently saw Snoop on the Super Bowl halftime show, and he's obviously still got it. As for Koe? Between riding on a private jet with Ric Flair and hanging with Snoop Dogg backstage, he's has been living the rockstar life lately. Actually, dude's been on a tear the last few years. To the moon, as the kids say.

Seeing the branding on the show announcement, I think it's safe to say there will be an abundance of '"supplies" for these shows. Would you expect anything different from these two? Tickets go on sale Friday, Feb. 25th at 10 am. Purchase tickets here.

Check out Koe & his team going to the Snoop Dogg concert:

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