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Kip Moore Has Righted the Wrong

I had a big beef with Kip Moore.

Last month, Kip Moore was promoting his upcoming single "If I Was Your Lover." In a promotional post on Instagram, he shared a picture with Morgan Wade in it. Immediately, we all assumed that Morgan Wade was going to be singing on the track. However when the song dropped on August 26th, Morgan's vocals were curiously missing. We then had to go to the music video to even find her involvement on the song at all, since she was starring in the video. In my not so humble opinion, it is a crime against music to hint at a Morgan Wade duet and not have her impeccable vocals on the song. Luckily for all of humanity, the wrong was righted on September 16th. Kip stated in an Insta post, "we heard you," including a video of the two with Morgan's vocals playing. A new version of the song has since been released, which is how it should have been in the first place.

With the wrong being righted, I'm willing to drop the charge of crimes against music. Also, I really like the song.

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