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How to Successfully Gamble During March Madness

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Happy March Madness People!! Waiting for the start of the best four days of college sports is like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. With an exciting conference tournament week behind us, it sets us up for an exciting NCAA Tournament ahead. As the resident gambling expert here at the Cold Cans Network, it is my responsibility to give the best advice I can to the people to help them win some money during the next few weeks in March and April (and as always, bet responsibly)

First tip is a simple one, "Think Long, Pick Wrong". One of my gambling mentors once told me that piece of advice and it has always stuck with me. As said previously, it is an advising thought nugget that is as easy as it sounds. If you are mulling over an over under between an 8 or 9 seed, or whether or not a 1 seed can cover that 20+ point spread against the 16 seed who is barely .500, do not overthink that number. Go with the gut feeling and do not overestimate how easy that bet might be. If you are staring at a number so long, it has the potential to move in a direction that you might not want to bet or not feel comfortable playing anymore. So when looking at a line, go with the gut instinct and do not think long cause chances are you will pick wrong.

Second tip, "Do Not Always Tail the Public". Before I dive into the tip, when I mean tail I mean to follow or tag along to the media or public bettors who post their picks. Most of the people who post picks are just as basic as a white girl's Instagram. Public bettors do tend to win but there is always a chance that Vegas swings things and turns out a profit and clean out everyone's bank accounts. Also, not always but a decent amount of time the public bettors favor whoever is the favorite and I personally hate betting on heavy favorites. So if you are looking at lines on Thursday and you happen to see a line with the public on 80% of the bets, be wary of following that favorite because you could end up sad and upset at the end of the game.

The last tip I have is "Bet With Your Pocketbook, and Not Your Heart". Now I have no dog in this fight this year in the NCAA Tournament as my beloved NC State Wolfpack are sitting at home watching the tournament much like I am. But most of you probably reading this have your favorite team in this tournament and will want to bet on them. My advice is do not do it unless you are extremely confident in them winning. Do not just bet on your favorite team because they are your favorite team. There is a great chance that they will let you down and make you lose money.

If you follow these three tips, you can have a successful March Madness and make yourself some money. With games starting this Thursday, here's some game lines that I find interesting and will study leading up until tipoff. The odds are from DraftKings Sportsbook

- UAB +8.5 (-105) #JellyFam

- Vermont +5 (-115)

- Memphis-Boise State 133.5 Over (-110)

-Davidson-Michigan State 140 Under (+100)

-Colgate +7.5 (-110)

-UCONN -7 (-110)

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