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Drake Maye Should Absolutely No One

Drake Maye, aka UNC's "Next Chosen Savior" for their football program, has been in a bit of hot water here recently. During the player's weekly press conference, he had some interesting things to say about UNC's football (and in reality, every sport) rival, the esteemed North Carolina State University

This video obviously stirred up Wolfpack Nation--as it should. How dare a freshman QB who turned down distinguished universities such as Alabama and Georgia to come play at North Carolina-Chapel Hill say such things about holding academics to such high standards? The shot was completely and utterly unnecessary that he disgrace the thousands of students that have walked through the gloriously bricked campus that sits in the middle of the Capital City of North Carolina. But, in essence, it is what makes rivalries so great, whether it's offhanded comments two months before they play their rival or even light hearted jabs you make in a group chat with friends from college or childhood friends. Then all of a sudden, this tweet comes out

Drake, what are you apologizing for?? Embrace the rivalry! Accept the hatred that courses through your veins!! Tell the "Powers that Be" at Carolina that you meant what you said!!!

In all seriousness though, Drake should have pulled a Conor McGregor and apologized to absolutely nobody. It was a harmless joke. It did not offend me by any means, as a proud State graduate. UNC fans don't like State fans, and the feeling is mutual. Bubba Cunnigham, UNC's Athletic Director, just has his panties in a wad ever since the women's coach went on a podcast and decided to disrespect State too. She at least fully insulted State fans by calling them classless, which is ironic because most UNC student-athletes never attended class during their tenures--but I digress.

Was what Drake said a shot that was unnecessary? Yes, especially since State and UNC don't even play each other for another two months. Honestly, the reporter who asked the question was more at fault by setting Drake up. It happens and Maye will eventually learn how to answer these types of questions in a way that doesn't create bulletin board material. Should Drake have apologized for his comments? No, relinquish your inner Conor McGregor and take a chance to apologize to absolutely nobody!!

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