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College Baseball's Time is Now

You've heard the phrase "Let's grow the game." With the MLB currently going through a lockout, this is the perfect opportunity to grow College Baseball and show America just how awesome the sport really is.

Don't get me wrong, I love pro baseball. We've covered minor league ball on "Miserable & Reckless" and I'm a big MLB guy. But College Baseball is such an electric sport that is criminally underrated and underrepresented in sports media.

There's a lot of passion at the collegiate level and I honestly don't think people have enough access to see it. Over the last few years, there have been tons of long balls and even some drama to go with it (ahem...Omaha Screwjob on NC State by the NCAA). Controversy creates cash. It gets the people going.

It's ridiculous that the conference networks like the ACCN and SEC Network don't televise any more games than they do. Instead of showing "The Class that Saved Coach K" for the 300th time, how about we show Miss. State vs. "the Evil Empire" Vanderbilt or NC State vs. Lousiville?

If people got to see more games than just the College World Series, they'd see how fun it really is. Just this past weekend, true Freshman first baseman Tommy White of NC State hit 5 home runs in his first three games. FIVE dingers! Dude went 9-14 with 12 RBIs at the dish. What a debut for Tommy Tanks.

But you wouldn't have seen it if you didn't log on to ACCN Extra on the ESPN app. Ridiculous.

Since MLB is locked out and may not resolve anytime soon, pro baseball fans should tune in to college games. ESPN and other similar networks should air more of these matchups to increase the accessibility. Who wouldn't want to see more bat flips, rivalry games, and unique traditions like those badass Ole Miss Home Run Beer Showers? It's time to Grow the (College) Game.


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