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Charles Wesley Godwin Signs Deal with Big Loud Records and That's Okay

Charles Wesley Godwin is now label mates with HARDY, ERNEST, and Morgan Wallen. I didn't have that on my 2023 bingo card.

I know many independent music fans are probably a little weary hearing this news, but I don't think this is a bad thing. Big Loud has major mainstream reach, even though they are technically an independent label. And I know we've seen this happen before, where an independent artist signs with a major and then suddenly they are hamstrung by label demands. I truthfully don't think this will happen with CWG.

CWG has already received major exposure by touring with Zach Bryan this year and has seen the crowds Bryan is drawing. Love him or hate him(I personally like him), Zach Bryan has shown an artist can cultivate a following, sign with a major label, and still maintain the authentic sound/lyricism that got them there in the first place. I truly believe CWG will do the same.

Also, I want to be fair to Big Loud Records as well. They have a reputation for allowing a lot of creative freedom to their signees. Let's not forget Hailey Whitters and Larry Fleet are both signed to the label. Call me optimistic, but I really don't see them messing with what made CWG popular. They're a shrewd bunch. They obviously have seen how much success Zach Bryan has enjoyed, and I think they see a similar opportunity with CWG.

It's not a bad thing when great independent minded artists get recognition and start to see more commercial success. Now, let's just get Charles Wesley Godwin on the radio.

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