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"April Showers" Brings New Music from Koe Wetzel

It's finally happening. Koe Wetzel had said on social media that he was recording a new record, and now it looks like new music is on the way.

He recently took to tik tok to release a teaser of new song "April Showers", and now fans can't wait to hear it in full. Sticking with his rock sound, "April Showers" sounds like it has the makings of another absolute banger from the Texas rocker.

"April Showers bring May Flowers, but it's been dry as hell."

In ususal Koe fashion, he's drinking in the shower while the studio version of the song's intro plays.

Thanks in part to our high tech iPhones and Youtube, I've heard "April Showers" song from one of his concerts. And I dig it, especially the end of the chorus: "Fuck this April Weather, Goodbye."

I've always said that no one does an angry break-up song quite like Koe Wetzel.

Here's a look at the single's cover art:

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